Clearwater Farm Barn Replacement

A 40' by 70' by 34' tall purlin plate and common rafter structure, modelled on the previous barn that was lost to a fire. It is comprised of six bents, 16,400 board feet in 264 pieces of Douglas fir timber. The barn is part of Clearwater Farm who focus on youth education with an emphasis on food production. 

Local Partner

Ontario Water Center, Clearwater Farm

Local Partner Hero

Annabel Slaight

Local TFG hero

Jason Gibson

Notable aspects

This project was intended not just to rebuild the barn, which burned down, but to replace this vital community gathering space. The missions of the TFG and the Ontario Water Center-Clearwater Farm are similar in that they both aim to educate and connect communities. 

TFG Leaders

Rob Geoghegan-Morphet, Steve Lawrence, Jason Gibson, Rene Allen, Joe Miller, Dan McKenzie



Cassandra Davies

Our Story

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Project Short Description


Project Details

  • Location Georgina, Ontario
  • Year 2018

Elevating the design of timber structures
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Thanks to our visionary partners

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