Enger Park Pavilion

This hip-roofed Craftsman gazebo was built on a bluff overlooking Duluth's enormous Lake Superior harbor. Access to the site was challenging, but that was just part of a lovely project. Shortly after the frame was raised, a wedding party stopped by for a brand-new photo op in the gazebo.

Local Partner
City of Duluth, Minnesota

Local TFG hero
Clark Bremer

Notable aspects
Tight, limited-access site. Hand raising. Splayed jack-rafters, compound joinery. Stunning view of Duluth/Superior harbor and its river basin. Participation by kids in Upward Bound.

TFG leaders
Clark Bremer, Adam Valesano, Joel McCarty

In-kind donors
Max Taubert (Duluth Timber)
Duluth Grill

Enger Park Pavilion blog / Internet Archive

Joel McCarty, Clark Bremer, Charlie Blend

Scantlings 172

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Project Details

  • Location Duluth, Minnesota
  • Year 2012

Innovative solid-sawn timber, expert service

Quality, customer satisfaction, longevity.
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