Frankfort Pavilion

A Monitor-style pavilion, 20 x 40, for the City of Frankfort, constructed by inmates of the Lewis County Detention Center under the guidance of the TFG.

Local Partner
City of Frankfort, Kentucky

Other Partners/sponsors
Frankfort Parks, Kentucky Heritage Council, Lewis County Detention Center

Local Partner Heroes
Jim Parrish, Director of Frankfort Parks
Patrick Kennedy, Kentucky Heritage Council

Local hero
Thomas Massie, Bill Conley

Notable aspects

Square rule and scribe frame. Four kinds of rafters—common, dormer, trimmers, and peak.  Labor provided by Lewis County Detention Center inmates in exchange for the learning experience. Built up the detention center's woodworking program.

TFG leaders
Adam Valesano, Mark Oteri, Don Seela, Tim Seela, Tom Haanen

In-kind donors
Arty & Al’s Pizza, Vanceburg Foodland, Frankfort Parks, Donnelson Lumber, Val Asgren, Jen Williamson, John Downs, Timberwolf Tools, Don Seela, Northcott Woodturning, GRK Fasteners, New Energy Works

Joel C. McCarty

Scantlings 173

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Project Short Description

City pavilion

Project Details

  • Location Frankfort, Kentucky
  • Year 2012

Innovative solid-sawn timber, expert service
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Thanks to our visionary partners

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