Nidoti Nai Yoni Memorial

"Let it not happen again."  

To commemorate the Japanese Internment and Exclusion during World War II, the Timber Framers Guild built a pavilion and a matched pair of entrance gates for the Memorial Park. The gates were the subject of a workshop on traditional Japanese joinery and tools. Another workshop covered Japanese traditional framing with layout from centerlines.


Bainbridge Island Japanese–American Community

Bainbridge Island WWII Nikkei Internment and Exclusion Memorial Committee of BIJAC

Client contact person
Clarence Moriwaki

Local hero
John Buday

Notable aspects
Japanese-influenced timber framing. Workshop: traditional Japanese joinery, tools, and layout from centerlines.

In-kind donations
Tom Salisbury, North Kitsap/Bainbridge Is. Interfaith Council (food), American Legion #172 (their hall), Bainbridge-Ometepe Sister Islands Assn. (food)

TFG leaders
John Buday, Carlos Sosa, Mike Laine, James Wiester

Nidoti Nai Yoni blog / Internet Archive



Tom Salisbury, John Buday, Joel McCarty

Scantlings 122, 125, 126

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Project Short Description

Pavilion, 2 torii gates

Project Details

  • Location Bainbridge Island, Washington
  • Year 2006

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