Northfield Mt. Hermon barn

This very large barn was a replacement for a barn that burned down at the Northfield–Mt. Hermon Secondary School in Gill, Mass. Although a crane was used, the frame was cut with hand tools only. It is a 45 x 80-ft.m 7-bent dairy barn. Participants included students, staff, parents, and alumni.

Northfield Mt. Hermon School

W.D. Cowls?

Client heroes
Richard Odman, farm program director
Sam Kelly, student liaison

Notable aspects
Very large dairy barn; hand tools used to cut the joinery.

TFG leaders
Alicia Spence, Tom Musco, Jack Witherington, Russell Ley, Todd Bissell, Bob Smith, Donna Williams.

In-kind donations
Virginia Military Institute, Woodcraft Supply

NMH blog (Internet Archive) 



[The Salem News, 9 Apr 2002 and 26 Apr 2002]

Joel McCarty

Scantlings 89, 91

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Project Details

  • Location Gill, Mass.
  • Year 2002
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