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The Timber Framers Guild was established in the 1980s to create a sharing community for those who love and practice the art of timber framing.  Members are timber framers, students, engineers, architects, designers, entrepreneurs, timber purveyors, tool suppliers, educators, historians, preservationists, sustainable builders, industry suppliers, owners, and lovers of wood.

This Timberwolf - Guild partnership gives you a 15% discount on indiviudal, family, gift, or institutional memberships.

As a member you will connect with others who are passionate about timber framing -- to learn more about timber framing, take part in community building projects, educate others, and invest in the work of the Timber Framers Guild.  Our members gather at places across North America for timber frame raisings that we coordinate at state parks, town greens, land trusts, and other non-profits that need a building, barn, pavillion, farmer's market, or other structure. Our members also gather online for how-to webinars, demonstrations, and presentations about the history or future of timber framing. In addition, you will receive our journal, TIMBER FRAMING, and our member magazine Scantlings

Timberwolf Tools has been a long-time supporter of the Guild. Since its founding in Maine several decades ago, Timberwolf has been a leading source for specialty power tools needed by the numerous people who work in timber framing and fine woodworking. Timberwolf Tools offers a full line of power tools including chain and slot mortisers, large capacity circular saws, chain beam saws, a variety of planers, tenon cutters, drills and drill guides, wheel brush sanders, and portable band saws.

What are the options and benefits?

Individual and Family Members: You can connect with timber framers around the world, attend conferences, and participate in community building projects. Read More Here

TFG Companies and Institutions:  Our goal is to build a vital timber frame community with a strong market where all can thrive. Well-run companies are the key to a prosperous industry. TFG assists and connects those who own or work at our institutional members. We offer educational opportunities and create collective public outreach programs designed to increase awareness – we tell the story of timber framing. Companies, collegs & universities, non-profits and other institutions may join. Read more here

Visionary Partners (VP): These companies make an additional annual contribution to support the mission and activities of the TFG. Funds received from VP members are used to expand our educational programming, member communications, and additional services to all members. In exchange, Visionary Partners receive recognition as industry leaders, additional exposure in the marketplace, and bundled TFG products and services at a substantial discount.  Read more here

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This time-limited discount began on May 1, 2022, so join today.  If you have questions, please contact the office at or 833-862-7376. 

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