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MoreSun is a small, robust, experienced timber frame company.  We have been in business since 2002 and employ highly talented individuals who work very well as a team. We are as busy as can be and have nine full-time craftsmen, several part-time employees and hire seasonal people depending on our work load.  We are dedicated to creating custom timber frames and woodwork.  We start the work day at 7:00am and work until 5:30pm.  Most often we're the hardest working crew on any given jobsite.  Our timbers usually come from a timber supplier nearby in North Carolina; but we have a small sawmill and will cut or mill timber to suit the project.  

We operate in the Southeastern U.S. and regularly travel to: South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama--we are not limited to these areas and will go where necessary.


The work we do is different all the time depending on the project.  This is a general listing of the services we provide:

  • In house design
  • Fabrication and installation of timber frames
  • Installation of structural insulated panel (SIP) enclosures
  • Sawyer and millwork
  • Builders of wooden furnishings
  • Other wood working services including historic restoration


12441 Long Creek Highway
Long Creek, SC 29658
United States

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