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Thirty years ago, we started a small timber frame company in an even smaller town. Today, we employ nearly 70 designers, timberwrights, engineers, craftspeople, artisans, and community members, practicing our craft from our shops in McMinnville, OR and Farmington, NY. 

Together we design and build some of the most lyrical and efficient timber frames in the industry, using reclaimed timbers, environmentally responsible practices, and state-of-the-art technology and software.

Our clients hail from all over North America (and sometimes beyond). We build these relationships from our shops in New York and Oregon, along with a handful of trusted partners in Canada. Our clients' dreams, budgets, needs, and goals are as diverse as their locations. Their common thread is love of fine wood, elegant design, and quality craft.

We remain committed to very personal and custom home design. We work with incredibly skilled architects and designers all over the country and truly enjoy the collaboration. For those who prefer a more integrated, one-stop approach, we have an in-house architectural design team. We keep our architects' desks sandwiched between our engineers (who have to make the frame design work) and our construction managers (who have to build the finished design). This level of experience and feedback ensures that our clients' projects run smoothly and communication between departments is simplified. Unlike many companies, we raise our own frames. The same craftsman who cut joinery on a frame also raises it, as we’re adamant that the intimate knowledge required to produce quality work should accompany the project to the site.

    In the years that we've been online, we've found our website to be an invaluable design resource, one that has evolved and improved through input from folks like you. Explore our website today.


    "Working with the staff of New Energy Works and their sister company NEWwoodworks has been delightful. It amazes me that there are so many competent people at every level of the organizations. Collaborating with talented people enabled us to construct a quality home that has truly exceeded our expectations."
    —Ross & Anna Marie, Homeowners

    "Speaking as the architect, builder, and homeowners, we could not be more pleased with the final outcome of our project! The entire New Energy Works team exceeded all of our expectations both professionally and personally. One of the most exciting moments in building our home was watching the frames go up. The craftsmanship of the timber frames is outstanding, providing us with spectacular interior and exterior spaces in which to live. Thanks again to the whole New Energy Works team for providing us with such a wonderful experience!"
    —Mark & June, Kohlmark Architects and Builders

    "From the office crew’s responsiveness and attentiveness, to the field crew’s hardworking, professional and friendly demeanors, I thank New Energy Works for their wonderful work. The approach to the overall process was the smoothest I’ve seen with design and build at this scale.”
    —Jim, Hutker Architects

    "Everyone who walks through the house remarks on the thoughtful design that went into it, how it’s perfectly designed to take in the views of the lake, how it works so well with the lot, and how ideally situated all the rooms are to one another. New Energy Works did an excellent job taking notes I provided and their own observations from the site visit to design the perfect house for this location and for us.”
    —Robert, Homeowner


    We invite you to pick and choose from our menu of services, incorporating as much or as little into your project as you see fit.

    • Architectural Design: planning, design, interiors, and landscape

    • Timber Framing: design, engineering, manufacturing, and build

    • Enclosure Systems: structural insulated panels and cellulose insulation

    • Fine Woodworking: cabinetry, countertops, doors, stairs, and more

    • Recycled Wood Products: timbers, flooring, paneling, barn siding, and more


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    Portland, OR 97202
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