The Timber Framers Guild is guided not only by its Board of Directors but also by dedicated volunteers who participate in councils and committees to advance and promote the craft of timber framing and the mission of the Guild. Guild members can join any of these groups in support of Guild initiatives.


Interest Group Councils

TFG Companies (Guild Companies)
TFG Companies harnesses the collective creativity and strength of the timber frame community and craft to shape the future of the industry through business education, peer-to-peer networking, and marketing. Bo Foard is the contact.

Timber Frame Engineering Council (TFEC)
A group of engineers who undertake systematic research, and codification of timber frame joinery and structural practices. Chris Carbone is the contact.

Traditional Timber Frame Research Advisory Group (TTRAG)
Supports surveys, exploration, research, and historical preservation of traditional timber frame practices. Michael Cuba is the contact.


Standing Committees

Community Building Committee
Generates appreciation and understanding of how shared building efforts enrich community through craft by developing and executing building projects in communities throughout North America and beyond. Brenda Baker is the contact. 

Education Committee
Works on the development of educational programming, professional development, and the Apprenticeship Training Program. Janet Kane is the contact.

Executive Committee
Records the function and process of the Executive Committee; comprised of the president, vice president, treasurer, clerk, and past-president.

Finance Committee
Provides financial oversight for the organization.

Governance Committee
Develops, recommends, and reviews policies of the TFG Board of Directors; solicits candidates for the TFG Board of Directors; assures the sustainable best-practice operation of the TFG within the context of the Guild's mission, vision, and values.

Members Committee
Assists and supports staff in increasing individual membership, member participation, and membership value.

If you would like to join a committee, please contact any of our Board of Directors


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