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Auctions Oct 24: Industrial Timber Framing Building & Equipment Auction

Industrial Timber Framing Building Auction27,000± Sq Ft Building ● 10.83± Acres ● Industrial Park of Floyd, VAAndOnline-Only Timber... read more »
Floyd, VA

Available stump

There is a 12ft+ Beech stump available for the taking. It's diameter is 5ft at the top, cercomference... read more »
Boston, MA

Garland Split Head Mallets

I have found a distributor who will give a 15% discount on these mallets and the family's summer... read more »
South San Francisco, CA

Wemple Dutch Barn for Sale

WEMPLE DUTCH BARN ideal for use by architect/builder:... read more »
Rotterdam, NY

Grinder and Super Surface Machine

The boards are fed into the front end of the machine and an electric light reads the end... read more »
San Jose, CA

Timber Frame Layout Square

The goal was simple: create a layout square that increases accuracy, decreases layout time, and makes the layout process... read more »
Mountain Rest, SC

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