Summer work in central Vt 2024 - to help cut a frame

we have a  1897 frame from a 40* 60 cow Barn, with design and cut sheets.  we need to refashion / cut this frame this summer for an autumn  or spring raising.  Might be a good Opportunity for a young ee of a timber frame co.get some real hands on expereince ( we'd share the costs of course)  -  or an experienced  TF'er to enjoy the Brooks, streams, ponds,  food, Mt Biking & Hiking  theru the Mts of Vt. - would be working along side us  amateur carpenter type - timber frame classes thru the yrs folks.  

we have Housing and will supply weekend food off of the grill and pay some real dollars.  Indoor and outdoor working space / shaded / rain proof (when needed). 

Mt ascutney - Mt Bike Haven
Windsor, Vt 05089

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