Design Guide for Timber Trusses (TFEC DG 1)

In August 2020, the TFEC released the first edition of the design guide for timber roof trusses. The strong positive reaction to that document demonstrated the interest in and need for that publication. A group of well-known and knowledgeable contributors, including Ben Brungraber, David Connolly, Jeff Hershberger, David Hourdequin, Jan Lewandoski, Jaret Lynch, Duncan McElroy, Leonard Morse-Fortier, Grigg Mullen Jr., Tom Nehil, and Dick Schmidt, joined forces to produce the new edition of the Guide. 

In this new version of the Guide, you will find expanded treatment of historical development of trusses and common truss forms, and enhanced discussion of analysis considerations and joinery and connection design. There are several all-new chapters covering mechanical characteristics of wood, bridging and bracing considerations, fit-up and raising issues, and evaluation and repair of trusses. The TFEC anticipates that this second version will serve as a valuable resource to those who design, build, and rehabilitate timber trusses.


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