TimberFramers JournalTIMBER FRAMING, the quarterly journal of the Timber Framers Guild, contains in-depth articles on timber framing history, technology, theory, practice, design, and engineering, as well as the work of the Guild and its members. It is a member benefit, but we welcome subscriptions by non-members. To subscribe, visit our online store.

To reach most of the timber framers in North America and a few hundred nonprofessional timber frame enthusiasts as well, advertise in TIMBER FRAMING. The readership is ideally qualified for suppliers of tools, technical services, timber, and other materials. For a rate sheet, download the file here, phone 833-862-7376, or email info@tfguild.org.

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TIMBER FRAMING 146 (December 2022)TIMBER FRAMING 146 (December 2022)
An Odd Marriage. Geometry of Premodern Design and Layout: the Plan-Net Method. Bell Decks I Have Known and Loved. Historic Gallows Framing in Northern Vermont.
7.8 MB. Published on Jan 20, 2023.

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