TimberFramers JournalTIMBER FRAMING, the quarterly journal of the Timber Framers Guild, contains in-depth articles on timber framing history, technology, theory, practice, design, and engineering, as well as the work of the Guild and its members. It is a member benefit, but we welcome subscriptions by non-members. To subscribe or to purchase back issues, visit our online store.

Here is your chance to buy TIMBER FRAMING as a fully searchable archive on a double-layer DVD packaged in a labeled case for shelf storage. Every word, drawing, and image has been captured in original format from issues 1–138, October 1985 through December 2020. Available at our online store.

To reach most of the timber framers in North America and a few hundred nonprofessional timber frame enthusiasts as well, advertise in TIMBER FRAMING. The readership is ideally qualified for suppliers of tools, technical services, timber and other materials. For a rate sheet, download the file here, phone 833-862-7376, or email info@tfguild.org.

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TIMBER FRAMING 142 (December 2021)TIMBER FRAMING 142 (December 2021)
High and Mighty: The Wood-Framed Steeples of John McArthur Jr. From Stables to Tables: Four Iterations of a Three-Aisle Dutch-American Barn. The Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning.
6.71 MB. Published on Dec 16, 2021.

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