Fourteen Small Timber Frames

Fourteen Small Timber Frames: Timber frame designs by Guild members. Edited and graphics by Mike Beganyi.

This is a collection of 14 timber frame plans available for personal, non-commercial use. The plans have been designed and built by Timber Framers Guild members and submitted for publication in order to share timber frame design challenges and solutions.

Projects range from simple garden sheds and pergolas, to barns and complex compound roof structures. The Plan Book offers other information, including location and engineering data, timber list, roof and floor plans, bent and wall elevations, and standard and unique joinery decisions.

The Fourteen:

Appalachian Trail Shelter (16½ x 12 ft). Arunah Hill Pavilion (24 x 30ft). Cape with Dormer (33 x 28 ft). Heartwood Class Frame (16 x 12 ft). Studio (20 x 30 ft). Wilderness Shelter (16 x 22 ft). Children's Climbing Frame (13 ft. 2 in. x 8 ft). Barn-Workshop (34 x 30 ft). Bread Oven (10 x 10ft). Bunkie (8  x 12 ft). Woodshed (8 x 14½ ft with overhang). Sauna (13½  x 14½ ft). Play House (8 x 12 ft). Gazebo (23 ft.10 in. x 15' ft. 10 in.).


Tony from Foster, RI
I love the book and plans. As a total rookie I can see some ideas that I may attempt. Working my way from garden bench to saw horses. Next up....

Peter from Fort Collins, CO
Excellent!! Thank you.

Christian from Columbus, OH
A great book of really neat ideas! It is not a “how to” book and as long as you don’t expect it to be, you will be very happy with it.

Thomas from Suffield, CT
This is just what I was looking for to help me design my first time frame structure. Thank you.

Douglas from Huntsville, AL
Plans are overviews, not full plans. Plans are printed very small making them moderately difficult to read. 3D renderings are very dark, difficult to see and printed on semi-gloss paper so when trying to get more light they shine making them almost invisible against the white background.

That said, the book is only $14 (+/-) making it a viable option for beginners looking for reference. Also, the inclusion of calculations like board feet is great!

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