Historic American Roof Trusses

Invaluable reference for timber framers, designers, preservationists, architects, and engineers

Historic American Roof Trusses is a compilation of six articles that originally appeared in TIMBER FRAMING, the Timber Framers Guild's quarterly journal, plus new material. Primary author Jan Lewandoski covers the principles of building various trusses, including scissor trusses, kingpost and queenpost trusses, and compound and raised bottom chord trusses, using historic examples. Ed Levin provides structural analyses for each type, and Jack Sobon provides detailed drawings.

New material includes an introduction to trusses by noted timber engineer Dave Fischetti, a treatise on the evolution of trusses by Jan Lewandoski, and a comprehensive glossary and bibliography.

The original research for this book was partially funded by a grant from the National Park Service and the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training.


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