Historic American Timber Joinery

Historic American Timber Joinery: A Graphic Guide
by Jack Sobon

Revised edition, 2014, perfect bound, 67 pages including numerous drawings and photographs.

This illustrated catalog discusses the joinery in American traditional timber-framed buildings of the past, showing common examples with variations as well as interesting regional deviations. It was written and drawn by architect and timber framer Jack Sobon under a grant from the National Park Service and the National Center for Preservation Technology, and it appeared previously in a series of six articles in the Guild's quarterly journal, Timber FramingTimber Framing Editor Emeritus Ken Rower has here assembled the articles into a compendium that includes a bibliography and index to joints and useful terms.


Tying Joints: Tie below Plate Tying joints: Tie at Plate Sill and Floor Joints Wall and Brace Joints Roof Joinery Excluding Trusses Scarf Joints



Royden N Powell III from Centreville, MD
I purchased this book and Historic American Roof Trusses. Both books are very well illustrated and include detailed, descriptive narratives. The book on joinery includes drawings of a variety of joints used in various applications of timber framing. These joint illustrations, in many cases show the assembled joint, as well as an exploded view, providing more insight into the intricacy of the joint. The book on historic trusses, in addition to the drawings, also provides various photographic examples of existing historic structures and the trusses used in their construction. I would recommend both books to anyone interested in in research or practical application of timber framing.

Andrew from Canton, MA
Bought this book as a gift, personally have little to no practical building experience. However, before gifting the book I peaked inside....and then went and read through most of it. It is truly a lovely book - thoughtfully and cleanly written with beautiful illustrations.

Erik from Winthrop, ME

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