The Timber Frame Home

The Timber-Frame Home: Design, Construction, Finishing
by Tedd Benson

Hardcover, 8-1/2 x 11 in., 240 pages, with color photos and drawings. 

From the Back Cover

Timber-frame construction is a craft and building style that has been used for over 2,000 years in all parts of the world. Timber-frame homes crafted in the traditional method are extremely durable, lasting centuries. When combined with modern building technologies, timber-frame homes can be exceptionally beautiful, livable, and energy efficient. Massive posts and beams create soaring open spaces, and fine wooden frames create sculpture that can be enjoyed every day.

In this new edition of his best-selling book, Tedd Benson—known internationally as a master craftsman, author, and teacher—shows how to adapt the sturdy elegance of timber frame construction to the needs of modern life.

As the principal of Benson Woodworking, the author has built hundreds of new timber-frame homes. This book catches up with the most important developments in timber-frame home building of the last 10 years. You will find information about new joints that make frames stronger, better foundation and deck-framing details, and the latest developments in energy-efficient foam-core panels that insulate the homes. No other book provides such an in-depth look into the process of building a timber frame and making it into a comfortable home —from planning the spaces to running the wiring and plumbing.


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