Timber Framing Fundamentals

291 pages, glorious color, 9 x 12, 214 pages. The definitive source, from decades of experience, by 28 experts. Published by the Timber Framers Guild. Ken Rower, editor.


1  Architectural Design
Design, framework for craft 7
Proportion and the timber framer 11
Useful geometries for carpenters 17
A geometer’s delight 25

2 Do-It-Yourself
Ten factors in timber frame house design 27
How to plot a site plan 32
Basic engineering design issues 35
Foundations for timber frames 50
A trig guide for the wary 53
DIY Alberta 57

3 Engineering
Basic beam sizing 63
Joint engineering 71

4 Joinery Design
Modern joinery 81
Pegging design 87
Pegging design addendum 90
Traditional joinery 93
Joinery repair techniques 115

5 Layout
Introduction to layout 123
Square rule, scribe rule 132
Square rule methods 134
Snap Line square rule 139
Scribing 147

6 Tools
The tool kit 169
The Borneman template 179
Jigs for out-of-square timber 180
How to make a commander 182
Lee’s chiselology 184
Sharpening basics 187
Milling your own timbers 191

7 Joinery Cutting
When the chips fly 199
To drawbore or not to drawbore 207
Brace cutting for the novice 211

8 Raising and Rigging
Raising the frame 217
Raising calculations and prep 225
Height safety at the raising 231

9 Enclosure
Enclosing the timber frame 237
Site-built foam enclosure 244

10 Wood Science
Choosing wood species 247
Lessons of the woodlot 257
Of sapwood and water 263
Wood preservatives 267

11 Appendices

Glossary 271
Bibliography by chapter 284
Guild apprenticeship curriculum 288
Contributors 290



Greg from Homer, AK
This book is great! Worth every penny. Not just for the beginner, but also for the experienced framer.
It covers a wide range of topics from compass geometry to old and new joinery, different methods of layout, foundations, engineering and design, wood species and more.

If you're interested in timber framing this is a gem.

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