TIMBER FRAMING 150 (December 2023)TIMBER FRAMING 150 (December 2023)
150 Issues of the Journal. The Humble Sawhorse. Crabs in the Wild: Part One. TTRAG Members' Meeting 2023.
9.74 MB. Published on Jan 2, 2024.

TIMBER FRAMING 149 (September 2023)TIMBER FRAMING 149 (September 2023)
Wildlife Conservation and Traditional Building in Southern Sweden. Revisiting Documentation and Assessment Methods for Wooden Structures. Australian Tree Species for Timber Framing. Truss-ed Me: a Builder's Primer on Trusses.
6.92 MB. Published on Sep 30, 2023.

TIMBER FRAMING 148 (June 2023)TIMBER FRAMING 148 (June 2023)
Letter to the Editors. Dreibelbis Station Covered Bridge. Wooden Survey Towers. The Past and Present of Timber Framing in Australia.
9.26 MB. Published on Jun 30, 2023.

TIMBER FRAMING 147 (March 2023)TIMBER FRAMING 147 (March 2023)
Engineering Terminology. TTRAG Members' Meeting. Timber Construction in Japan Today. Guild Conference Slideshow 2022.
7.86 MB. Published on Mar 31, 2023.

TIMBER FRAMING 146 (December 2022)TIMBER FRAMING 146 (December 2022)
An Odd Marriage. Geometry of Premodern Design and Layout: the Plan-Net Method. Bell Decks I Have Known and Loved. Historic Gallows Framing in Northern Vermont.
7.8 MB. Published on Jan 20, 2023.

TIMBER FRAMING 145 (September 2022)TIMBER FRAMING 145 (September 2022)
Book Review: Design Guide for Timber Trusses. Remembering Ken Rower and Will Beemer. The Framing of a Vermont Hill Farm. Friction. A Timber Framer's Tour of Southern Sweden.
7.17 MB. Published on Sep 19, 2022.

TIMBER FRAMING 144 (June 2022)TIMBER FRAMING 144 (June 2022)
Book Review: Ingenious Mechanics. The Roofs of Notre-Dame de Paris: The Wider Context. (re)Construction): Joinery and Craft of the Notre-Dame Replica Truss. Cleaving the Pickle Forks. The Apse Framing of Chapelle Saint-Hubert.
6.93 MB. Published on Jun 28, 2022.

TIMBER FRAMING 143 (March 2022)TIMBER FRAMING 143 (March 2022)
Laurie Smith's Work. On Sparks and Thin Air. Joinery Decisions for Re-Creating an Ancient Roof. Lessons from the Forest. Raising the Notre-Dame Replica Truss. TTRAG Members' Meeting 2021.
6.62 MB. Published on Mar 31, 2022.

TIMBER FRAMING 142 (December 2021)TIMBER FRAMING 142 (December 2021)
High and Mighty: The Wood-Framed Steeples of John McArthur Jr. From Stables to Tables: Four Iterations of a Three-Aisle Dutch-American Barn. The Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning.
6.71 MB. Published on Dec 16, 2021.

TIMBER FRAMING 141 (September 2021)TIMBER FRAMING 141 (September 2021)
A Job with a View. Evolution of a Cape in Marshfield, Massachusetts. "Casa Imposible": Hardwood Timber Framing in Nicaragua. Dominy House and Shops: History of Construction.
5.77 MB. Published on Oct 7, 2021.

TIMBER FRAMING 140 (June 2021)TIMBER FRAMING 140 (June 2021)
Book Review: China's Covered Bridges. Book Review: Woven Arch Bridge. Reimagining American Covered Bridges: Chinese and European Perspectives.
6.32 MB. Published on Jun 24, 2021.

TIMBER FRAMING 139 (March 2021)TIMBER FRAMING 139 (March 2021)
Indexes and Archives. Book Review: American Axe. Stereotomy and the Guitarde. Decimal Carpenter's Squares. Three Lives of a Fireplace Lintel.
4.85 MB. Published on Mar 25, 2021.

TIMBER FRAMING 138 (December 2020)TIMBER FRAMING 138 (December 2020)
The Printed Word: A Conversation with Charlotte Cooper. Drawboring of Pegged Joints. Rehabilitating the C&O Canal Lock Gates.
3.34 MB. Published on Dec 21, 2020.

TIMBER FRAMING 137 (September 2020)TIMBER FRAMING 137 (September 2020)
Book Review: Mitered Log Joinery. Displacement Method for Measuring Knots. Meissen's Covered Bridges.
5.01 MB. Published on Sep 29, 2020.

TIMBER FRAMING 136 (June 2020)TIMBER FRAMING 136 (June 2020)
Book Review: Cruck Building. A hybrid frame in Vermont. Saving a large New England barn.
3.1 MB. Published on Jun 24, 2020.

TIMBER FRAMING 135 (March 2020)TIMBER FRAMING 135 (March 2020)
Book Review: Hand Hewn. Letters. Wrap-and-Strap Enclosure: Two Approaches. Carpenters Without Borders in Maine. Purlins. TTRAG Members' Meeting 2019.
5.92 MB. Published on Mar 30, 2020.

TIMBER FRAMING 134 (December 2019)TIMBER FRAMING 134 (December 2019)
The Bridge Issue. Origins of the Covered Bridge Guidelines. Bleinheim Bridge, a Restoration. Contemporary and Historical Laminated Wood Bridges. Tree Canopy Walk: No Walk in the Park.
7.12 MB. Published on Dec 19, 2019.

TIMBER FRAMING 133 (September 2019)TIMBER FRAMING 133 (September 2019)
The Taylor Sawmill. Housings in Timber Construction: Testing and Design Guidance. Denmark's Largest Viking Age Timber Structure Rebuilt. Guild Conference Slide Show 2019.
5.93 MB. Published on Sep 24, 2019.

TIMBER FRAMING 132 (June 2019)TIMBER FRAMING 132 (June 2019)
Essential Rammed Earth Construction. Timber Framers of the Future. Into the Wild: Timber Framing in Remote Locations. John Johnson and the Bridge at St. Johns, Quebec.
7.41 MB. Published on Jun 24, 2019.

TIMBER FRAMING 131 (March 2019)TIMBER FRAMING 131 (March 2019)
Reading the Past into the Future. New Life for a Kennebunkport Barn. Simplified Scribing in Mixed Layout. A Curved Lattice Truss Bridge.
6.97 MB. Published on Mar 29, 2019.

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