TIMBER FRAMING 127 (March 2018)TIMBER FRAMING 127 (March 2018)
Memoir of a Peg Maker. D-I-Y in Central Vermont. The Medieval Timber-Framed Bell Tower of Grevback Church. Determining Design Stresses From Strength Values.
7.76 MB. Published on Mar 8, 2018.

TIMBER FRAMING 126 (December 2017)TIMBER FRAMING 126 (December 2017)
Geometry as a Spatial Language. Guild Conference Slide Show 2017. Round Log Timber Framing: The Moosilauke Ravine Lodge. Grist Milling and the Hurst Frame.
8.9 MB. Published on Jan 3, 2018.

TIMBER FRAMING 125 (September 2017)TIMBER FRAMING 125 (September 2017)
Schaffhausen Built and Unbuilt. Common Roots Farm Community Build. Photogrammetry 2017. A Tale of Two Houses. Optimal Conversion of Logs to Timbers.
9.18 MB. Published on Oct 18, 2017.

TIMBER FRAMING 124 (June 2017)TIMBER FRAMING 124 (June 2017)
The Voyages of Sobon: Norway. Pushing Foundation Walls.
9.95 MB. Published on Jun 1, 2017.

TIMBER FRAMING 123 (March 2017)TIMBER FRAMING 123 (March 2017)
The Saint Andrew's Cross. Intersecting Long-Span Trusses. Miracles in Boxes: Fully Threaded Screws for Heavy Timbers. The Voyages of Sobon: Sweden.
10.86 MB. Published on Mar 14, 2017.

TIMBER FRAMING 122 (December 2016)TIMBER FRAMING 122 (December 2016)
The Golden Palace Monastery. Carpenters Without Borders. Erlenbach Bridge Bicentennial.
11.25 MB. Published on Dec 16, 2016.

TIMBER FRAMING 121 (September 2016)TIMBER FRAMING 121 (September 2016)
In Memoriam: Merle Adams. An American In Europe. Restoration Tactics in Tunbridge, VT. Keyed Through-Tenon Performance. Get Paid for Unpaid Consulting. Homage to the Queenpost Truss. Pursuing the Guitarde.
9.55 MB. Published on Sep 6, 2016.

TIMBER FRAMING 120 (June 2016)TIMBER FRAMING 120 (June 2016)
Books: Wooden Bridges, Jan Lewandoski. Design for Longevity. Glimpses of Belgian Framing. California's Cowell Lime Works Barn. Cover for a Bridge in Wyoming. Qualifying Client Inquiries. Dogleg Framing. Conference Slide Show II
10.05 MB. Published on Jun 6, 2016.

TIMBER FRAMING 119 (Mar 2016)TIMBER FRAMING 119 (Mar 2016)
Books: Will Beemer's Book. The Garland Mill at 160. Writers Theatre Dovetail Joinery. Safe Cribbing and Jacking. Medieval Germanic Roof Structures 4.
8.4 MB. Published on Mar 1, 2016.

TIMBER FRAMING 118 (Dec 2015)TIMBER FRAMING 118 (Dec 2015)
Topics: A Rookie's Diary. Guild Notes & Comment: The New Guild. Optimal Conversion of Logs to Timbers. The Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge. Medieval Germanic Roof Structures. Guild Conference Slide Show.
8.48 MB. Published on Dec 1, 2015.

TIMBER FRAMING 117 (Sep 2015)TIMBER FRAMING 117 (Sep 2015)
Books: America's Covered Bridges. Bassano Del Grappa's Covered Bridge. The Sierra Nevada Barn, Continued. Medieval Germanic Roof Structures 2. Combining Tradition and Technology: a Pavilion for Cleveland Church.
10.08 MB. Published on Sep 1, 2015.

TIMBER FRAMING 116 (Jun 2015)TIMBER FRAMING 116 (Jun 2015)
Notes & Comment: TFG–TFBC Merger, a Virtual Roundtable. Symbolism and Ritual in Compagnonnage. Medieval Germanic Roof Structures 1. The Triple Bottom Line and the Timber Framing Business. The Other English Barn. Glimpses of Dutch Framing.
6.96 MB. Published on Jun 1, 2015.

TIMBER FRAMING 115 (Mar 2015)TIMBER FRAMING 115 (Mar 2015)
Books: Layout Worldwide; French Carpentry. A 19th-Century Bucks County Workbook. Building a Timber Frame Model. What was Chaussegros de Lery Worried About? Axe Culture.
6.87 MB. Published on Mar 1, 2015.

TIMBER FRAMING 114 (Dec 2014)TIMBER FRAMING 114 (Dec 2014)
Notes & Comment: New Guild Structure? A Little Trouble in Paradise. The Old West Church Amended. Ship's Knees of Maine. Structural-Ridge Swiss Roofs. Guild Conference Slide Show 2014 (II). A Grand Old Lady Keeps Her Hat.
6.82 MB. Published on Dec 1, 2014.

TIMBER FRAMING 113 (Sep 2014)TIMBER FRAMING 113 (Sep 2014)
Books: Architecture of Place. In Memoriam: Ed Levin. The Mathematical Bridge at Queens' College, Cambridge. Grading Structural Timbers, New and Old. Two Reciprocal Frame Gazebos. Guild Conference Slide Show 2014. Reflections on Embodied Energy.
9.48 MB. Published on Sep 1, 2014.

TIMBER FRAMING 112 (Jun 2014)TIMBER FRAMING 112 (Jun 2014)
Books: Architecture of Relationship. Split Barns of Somerset County, Pa. Chinese Covered Bridges. Best Practices for High-Performance Houses. Scribing a Post to a Rock. Resistance to Uplift and Overturning in Timber-Framed Steeples.
8.12 MB. Published on Jun 1, 2014.

TIMBER FRAMING 111 (Mar 2014)TIMBER FRAMING 111 (Mar 2014)
Topics: On Timber Framing, 1992. Tools: Track Saw for Timbers. A Geometrica Perspective on the Burr Truss Covered Bridge. Lost in Translation: Early Square Rule Framing in Central Vermont. Confessions of a Timber Frame Salesman. New Enclosures for Timber Frames? Documentation and Assessment Methods for Timber Structures. Earthquakes and Early Timber Frames.
6.29 MB. Published on Mar 1, 2014.

TIMBER FRAMING 110 (Dec 2013)TIMBER FRAMING 110 (Dec 2013)
Books: Geometric Design. Letters: Covered Bridge Loading. The Bernese Bauernhaus. Toward Effective Client Relations. Engineered Timber Connectors. Norwegian Grindbygg Construction. German Code Provisions for Mortises and Tenons Loaded in Shear.
4.55 MB. Published on Dec 1, 2013.

TIMBER FRAMING 109 (Sep 2013)TIMBER FRAMING 109 (Sep 2013)
Notes and comment: Whither the Guild? Capacity of Load-Bearing Housings. A Swing-Beam Barn Working Drawing. The Alexander Knight House. Wooden Houses of Istanbul. Structural Screw Technology. Reflections on Load Capacity of Historic Covered Bridges.
5.15 MB. Published on Sep 1, 2013.

TIMBER FRAMING 108 (Jun 2013)TIMBER FRAMING 108 (Jun 2013)
Letters: Flaunting Wealth? (An Exchange). Raising in Warsaw. The Liegender Stuhl Roof Style. Virginia Church, with Liegender. A Quaker Meetinghouse in Costa Rica.
7.03 MB. Published on Jun 1, 2013.

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