TIMBER FRAMING 109 (Sep 2013)TIMBER FRAMING 109 (Sep 2013)
Notes and comment: Whither the Guild? Capacity of Load-Bearing Housings. A Swing-Beam Barn Working Drawing. The Alexander Knight House. Wooden Houses of Istanbul. Structural Screw Technology. Reflections on Load Capacity of Historic Covered Bridges.
5.15 MB. Published on Sep 1, 2013.

TIMBER FRAMING 108 (Jun 2013)TIMBER FRAMING 108 (Jun 2013)
Letters: Flaunting Wealth? (An Exchange). Raising in Warsaw. The Liegender Stuhl Roof Style. Virginia Church, with Liegender. A Quaker Meetinghouse in Costa Rica.
7.03 MB. Published on Jun 1, 2013.

TIMBER FRAMING 107 (Mar 2013)TIMBER FRAMING 107 (Mar 2013)
Books: Complex Roof Framing. Timber Framing for the Homestead. Making Riven Pins. Traditional Log Building in Estonia. When Good Timbers Go Bad. It Takes Three to Yield One.
6.17 MB. Published on Mar 1, 2013.

TIMBER FRAMING 106 (Dec 2012)TIMBER FRAMING 106 (Dec 2012)
Poem: What I Want to Remember. Books: Repair and Conservation. Guild Conference Slide Shows 2012. French Hip Layout. The Trusses of Abbey San Domenico. The Triple-Bypass Tying Joint.
7.81 MB. Published on Dec 1, 2012.

TIMBER FRAMING 105 (Sep 2012)TIMBER FRAMING 105 (Sep 2012)
Books: New England Meetinghouses. French Apprentice Tour. Covered Bridge Truss Engineering. Miscellaneous Joint Addendum. A Week at the Wapsipinicon Mill.
6.84 MB. Published on Sep 1, 2012.

TIMBER FRAMING 104 (Jun 2012)TIMBER FRAMING 104 (Jun 2012)
Topics: Attack of the Green Gizmos. The Shape of Structure. The Wood Lattice Bridges at Sneek. Kitchen-sink Scribe: Live-edge Timber Layout for Everyone. Freight Management and Storage of Architectural Timbers. Tying Joint Addendum.
5.16 MB. Published on Jun 1, 2012.

TIMBER FRAMING 103 (Mar 2012)TIMBER FRAMING 103 (Mar 2012)
Letters: Frank Baker, Robert L. (Ben) Brungraber, Thomas A. Vitanza. The Swing-beam Barn in Southern Washington County, New York. Sierra Nevada Barn Evolution II. A Tang-style Temple in Dunhuang. Wood protection by Design.
6.14 MB. Published on Mar 1, 2012.

TIMBER FRAMING 102 (Dec 2011)TIMBER FRAMING 102 (Dec 2011)
Topics: Scribe Rule, Square Rule, Democracy and CNC. Sierra Nevada Barn Evolution. Covered Bridge Truss Types. Blenheim Bridge, a Remembrance. Bell Tower in the South Tyrol.
6.08 MB. Published on Dec 1, 2011.

TIMBER FRAMING 101 (Sep 2011)TIMBER FRAMING 101 (Sep 2011)
Books: Master's Guide to Timber Framing. The Lordship Barn and Regulating Line Technique. Timber Grading, or "Select" Timber Has Knots. The Portland Observatory. Church in the Trentino‚ÄďAlto Adige. A Synagogue Roof in Poland.
6.11 MB. Published on Sep 1, 2011.

TIMBER FRAMING 100 (Jun 2011)TIMBER FRAMING 100 (Jun 2011)
Letters: Bending Scarfed Beams (Mack Magee). Structural Insulated Panels: An Exchange (Chris Schwind, Adrian Jones). Restoring Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in Parmaribo. Island Beauty. Why Are We Still Pushing Polygons? Wood Decay and Protection. Wooden Jewel of the Langhe.
5.94 MB. Published on Jun 1, 2011.

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