The Guild recently purchased the Massachusetts-based Heartwood School, which offers about two dozen classes per year on timber framing and various aspects of sustainable construction, design, and historic preservation. We welcome you as a student at our school, which in the fall of 2022 will be moving to Alstead, New Hampshire, a small town about 15 miles north of Keene. The Guild also has numerous online resources available to those interested in timber framing and offers training through our Community Building Projects.  

Other schools and programs, such as those listed below, also offer classes and workshops relevant to aspects of timber framing, and several also have regular internships and apprenticeships. 

This is a partial listing of the many accredited institutions and the more informal educational programs that provide training and guidance to those interested in learning about timber framing. We do not formally endorse any of the above programs.

Elevating the design of timber structures
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