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Ekvn-Yefolecv Roundhouse CBW, Days 2 & 3 (November 2&3, 2019)

Days 2 and 3 featured more hard work by our dedicated crew on this fast-moving project.

Above, Don Hildebrand works on main post members. 

Rene Allen and Xavier Breuhler, one of the folks who come from the SEC states, work on header timbers for the inner ring.




Al Wallace and instructor Evan Taubes working on the layout of housings on the inner ring headers (for the outer ring rafters).




John Morgan setting router to cut the housings for the lower roof rafters. 


Arnaud Le Rouzic provides some input to Steve Kuplack on one of the inner ring headers.




Joe Davino, instructor in training, cleaning up the header housings. 





Andrew Plumber, our second ACBA student, using a chisel to clean up housings. 




Bill Sturm cleaning up a log post in preparation for layout.





Long-time workshop participant and Guild supporter Allan Peeples uses a draw knife to dress an inner log post in preparation for layout.


The Millers - Joe and Adam - discuss layout for the inner ring log posts.




Mike Yaker and Will Denton discuss layout for an inner ring post with a bit of sweep.





Instructor Bill Sturm reviewing prints for inner log post layout with Mark Mazziotti, a community member and natural builder. ACBA student Steve Jackyra looks on. 


Community member Ahvlak Hargo gets familiar with the Mafell plane. 


Kurt Rosenberger cleaning up housings on the outer ring timbers.



Long-time workshop participant and local hero for the Vicksburg workshop Chris Newman carefully completes the debarking of one of the posts for framing of the two doors. The leadership team chose interesting matching timbers for these important elements. 


Below, Andy Williams uses a router to clean up a header housing on the outer ring. 

Below left, Neil Reeder works on outer rings with Michael Jones (below right).

Community members Tom and Nick discuss images they are collecting to document the event. 


Instructor Jordan Finch moving the inner ring top plates onto sawhorses for fabrication. 




I suppose these are just the conditions for the world's only all-terrain, two-wheel-drive Rokon motorcycle - if there ever was. Joe Miller brought this down with him from Calumet. Sweet bike, eh?  



Instructor Evan Taubes and volunteer Steve Kuplack discuss mortise and peg layout. 



John Morgan cleaning up header housing as the member nears completion.





Hard to tell, but that's Arnaud of ACBA and John Morgan checking the alignment of housings in the header. 





The inner ring creates a clerestory and this timber provides purchase for the rafters and for the roof deck T&G, hence the sloped offset. 







Like the Sword of Damocles, the brace hangs overhead Don Hildebrand as he creates the mating surface in the post. 




Below, Al cleans up the hip rafter housings (for the "off" or non-continuous rafters - every other hip dies at the header). 


Steve, Evan, and Will check out one of the completed headers. All the rafters that collide with this header will sit in housings and be held in place with screws provided by Log & Timber Connectors. 



Arnaud working on another of the eight headers. 


Below, first-time participant Greg King working on one of the principal hips.

Above, George Morrison knocking out the housings. Volunteers produced mounds of sawdust and chips these last two days as they made great progress and stayed ahead of schedule - critical because rain is still forecasted for the p.m. hours on Thursday. 


Peter Bull, another volunteer with an extremely strong work ethic, cleaning up housing corners. 




Joe Davino cutting the birdsmouth stand. 


Above, Mark Mazziotti in the foreground marking out next mortise and housing, while Allan drills out the mortise in the background.

Craig Pariso, Kurt Rosenberger, and Julie Hildebrand laying out lower roof elements.

Instructor Sal Wilson and first-time participant, but experienced timber framer, Ethan Higgins laying out lower roof rafters.




Chris Newman continues his work on the special doorposts. 

Ahvlak and Ethan discuss layout of jack rafters.

Mike Jones and crew assembling wall connectors for the inner ring. Posts and connector assemblies will be raised on Day 4 (November 4).

Mike and Neil begin work on thinning the tenon as Tom fits the other brace. 

Instructor Jordan Finch, Dominic Hosack, and Joe Nadar (former ACBA student) fitting top plates using the Timberlinx layout already installed in the piers as a pattern. 

Joe and Jordan share a moment of friendship at the end of the day. 





And community co-director and client Marcus Briggs-Cloud has an exchange with Kyle Murphy to end a very productive day.

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