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The Stage is Set: Lake Roesiger Community Building Project

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"Day Zero"

The weather oscillated between drizzle and rain all day today, on "Day Zero" of the Lake Roesiger Community Building Workshop in western Washington. The workshop lead team was glad to be fabricating indoors in Building 600, the Livestock Pavilion, at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, Washington.

The pavilion has a wide aisle, which the lead team can use for clean up work or to cover campers on a rainy night.

The wide open space of the 90' x 150' pavilion, with its level concrete floor, will be an ideal fabrication area - especially with 120v outlets every ten feet along all four walls and drop-down cords on both sides of the center aisle at 10' centers. No 100' extension cords will need to be laid out and protected underfoot! There will be four times as many places to plug in as there will be volunteers. Turns out, this is a great workshop!

Our lead team is all here!

Our staff is here as well...

Along with a couple of experienced hands...

And a few novice volunteers, who came in early with lead team members!


Day Zero Begins

The crew began the day with the timber staged along the building's perimeter.

And after completing the volunteer waivers with Cassandra, crew members immediately started converting blanks into sawhorses. 

By the end of "Day Zero," 60 pairs of sawhorses were built, the timbers were laid out in a workwise manner (that's the ever cheerful and intrepid Will Denton on the forklift), and the preliminary layout had begun!

Guild member Rene Allen spent a fair amount of time beginning the layout of the main pavilion braces, with an assist from Connor and Cassandra as needed. 

We managed to find time to have some fun too!

Of course, what makes all of our work and fun possible is our client, Snohomish County Parks and Recreation - our client contact has truly been a blessing to work with on this project. 

The venue, including restrooms, showers, and dining areas, are the same facilities that vendors and the public use at the fairground - all clean, efficient, and comfortable.

Our meals will be prepared by an enthusiastic staff member, Emily (center). She is ably assisted by Betty (left) and Bridget (right).

We are ready! Our workshop team and the setting are ready for the commencement of the address, when volunteers arrive on-site and the workshop and production really begins. We look forward to seeing everyone there!







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Posted May 21, 2019 12:50 AM PST. Edited on May 21, 2019 12:02

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