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Weekly Guild Note -31 August 2018

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Weekly Guild Note: 31 August 2018

The Guild just wrapped up another successful Community Building Project. We owe our thanks and gratitude to ClearWater Farms for partnering with us on this great endeavor, and taking such good care of our crew. Participants walked away with new skills and information, a deeper connection to our craft and community, and at least 5 pounds to lose from all the wonderful food.  
The Globe and Mail (Canada's most widely read newspaper) did a nice write-up about the build, which you can read here

Registration Now Open! 

In an era of increased competition and a tighter labor market, a positive company culture and identity, together with an inspiring vision for the future, can have an enormous impact on customer and staff loyalty -- and it’s the leader who creates the culture. In these two-day workshops (offered in four locations), we will share Zingerman’s management philosophies, based on the concepts of Servant Leadership, a management approach that focuses on the leader’s role in serving the organization as a whole. We will also share key tools and tips for Managing Ourselves, premised on the idea that being able to manage and modify your impact as a leader is all but guaranteed to yield more productive, effective work. Filled with real life stories and practical information you can apply in your every day life, this workshop will leave you energized and inspired to focus on yourself as the next step to taking your business to the next level.

Session Objectives: 
1. Explore the management philosophy that has been successful at Zingerman’s.
2. Use new skills and knowledge to improve performance as managers and leaders.
3. Practice using new skills and concepts in a safe environment.
4. Reinforce network of peers to help get past roadblocks.

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Breaking News: Complex Roof Workshop to be offered at TFG Eastern Conference

At the Guild, we strive to provide professional development training for carpenters and timber frame carpenters. As part of this continued effort, we are offering a multi-day workshop focusing on the critical skills necessary for complex roof layouts. This workshop runs concurrently with the TFG Easter Conference in Virginia Beach, and participants will need to register for both the conference and the workshop to attend. The main focus of the workshop will be on using plumb lines and a plan view drawing to enable carpenters to cut any roof. This workshop will also endeavor to teach participants to identify the needs of specific projects. Not only will attendees develop a holistic skill set for crafting simple roofs, but also learn to address many of the more complex challenges encountered as a professional carpenter. As part of the workshop, instructors will work with students to solidify their understanding of the underlying geometry in complex roof layout.

This workshop starts with a pre-conference session for folks with less experience in roof work, or those who want a refresher prior to the Complex Roof Workshop track. Read more info here.

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North House Folk School Offers Artisan Development Program


Artisan Development Program at North House Folk School:
  • Two-year professional learning and residency program for emerging craft artisans working in traditional crafts (see note below regarding focus areas)
  • Includes funding for studio, housing, living stipend, paid mentorship, travel to study in Scandinavia, professional development, materials, and tools
  • Significant time to develop a body of work, travel to engage with mentors and show work, and both assistant and independent teaching opportunities
Current possible core craft areas for focus include: fibers (felting, spinning, knitting), basketry, leather work, wood (turning, timber framing, boat building, carving, building), and foods. Other areas of emerging interest to the Folk School may be proposed, provided that they have a strong connection to traditional northern craft.

The application period is now open for two spaces in the 2019-2020 Cohort (January 9, 2019 through December 13, 2020). Successful resident artisans will be those who have the ability to balance their interests appropriately to accomplish the depth of learning they desire. *Note: Current grant funding supports the program through 2019. Applicants will be offered guaranteed funding through 2019, and will be offered the second year of funding pending grant renewal.

For more information and to apply: visit the Artisan Development Program website.

There's Still Time to Register for the Raising Rendezvous
October 5-8, Hornby Island, BC, Canada

Compression ring for octagonal Firepit Shelter at the Triune Bay Outdoor Education Centre

TFG Members are invited to descend on Hornby Island for an educational holiday weekend (Oct 5-8) of  timber frame cutting and raising. Similar to our previous Rendezvous events, folks are welcome to join in the raising of an octagonal Fire Pit Shelter for the Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre.

For the Tribune Bay Fire Pit Shelter, we are returning to one of our successful models for a community build project: a relatively informal gathering to raise a timber frame structure in an environment of good juju, cooperation, and learning. Leadership and safety oversight will be provided, and all TFG Members are welcome to attend. Both seasoned timber framers and those new to the timber framing community will learn something - that much is guaranteed.  We'll be working along side local high school students studying trades, and a few folks from the community.  

Tucked in the middle of the Salish Sea, those who make the trek to Hornby are in for a memorable experience. Camping will be available, bonfires are a promise, and a toast or two after the fire shelter is hand-raised will cap off this banner weekend. We hope to see you there!

Read more here.
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Upcoming TFG Events

Northeast Regional Gathering
September 8-9
Strafford, VT

TFG Compound Roof Joinery Workshop
September 30 - October 4
Churchill Timberworks, Courtenay, BC
Timber Frame Raising Rendezvous 
October 5-8
Hornby Island, BC

2018 TFG Eastern Conference      
October 19-21
Founders Inn, Virginia Beach, VA

Craft of Business Summits Presents: ZingTrain
Shepherdstown, WV (November 13-14)
 Brattleboro, VT (November 27-28)
 Portland, OR (November 28-29)
 Ann Arbor, MI (December 3-4)


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