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RFQ for Project Manager for 2018 TFG Community Building Projects


The Timber Framers Guild  plans to conduct two Community Building Projects (CBP) in Canada in 2018. One will be on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, in late June/early July and the other will be near Georgina, Ontario in late August. The Guild is seeking one person to serve as project manager for both projects.

The Project Manager serves as the Guild’s liaison to the organization for which the project is being built, provides oversight of all TFG phases of the project and reports to the TFG Executive Director Responsibilities and compensation will be negotiated based on skills and experience. Please refer to the division of task list for interaction with other team members.  All candidates must be familiar with Canadian construction contracts and Canadian workers compensation systems

Interested parties should respond with a resume and statement of qualifications (see Selection Criteria below) by April 4, 2018. Please email submission to and include CBP Project Manager in the subject line.


Specific Job Description and Selection Criteria


The Project Manager

  1. Reports to the Executive Director.
  2. Is directly responsible for the successful operation of a specific CBP .
  3. Is required to be an excellent electronic and oral communicator.

Throughout the Life of the Project:

The Project Manager

  1. Convenes regular project meetings via teleconference, and makes and distributes
    meeting minutes
  2. Develops and maintains a thorough understanding of the Project’s Scope, Budget
    and Schedule
  3. Fosters the educational and personal growth opportunities for all team members
    and participants.
  4. Supports implementation of the Project Budget, Scope and Schedule
  5. Provides focal point for partner organization coordinator and identifies and
    resolves their issues in an expeditious manner (in conjunction with Local Hero,
    when that person has been identified) at all times.
  6. Fosters the sense of traditional TFG XC (exuberant camaraderie) with team and
    with all participants and acknowledges the contributions of all involved with the
  7. Shows restraint, respect and professionalism at all times with all persons connected
    to the project.
  8. Ensures health, safety and welfare of all TFG volunteers and staff.
  9. Uses Basecamp website project management tool for milestone, task, schedule management and repository for drawings and budget information.

Prior to the main Event:

The Project Manager

  1. Provides review and comment on Scope, Budget and Schedule. Reviews scope and schedule and TFG Client checklist with client to ensure client readiness.
  2. Responsible for development of Project Method statement (including raising plan, fall protection plan, etc.)
  3. Procures materials and services as required by the scope of work.
  4. Maintains a purchasing system with TFG staff.
  5. Reports progress and budget each week to the Executive Director
  6. Assists in recruiting and qualifying members of the leadership team
  7. Assists in recruiting and qualifying all other participants.
  8. Convenes conference calls of increasing frequency as the Event draws near.
  9. Provides written reports formally to the CBC committee monthly prior to their
  10. Gives timely information as required by staff.
  11. Communicates with TFG staff and participants to ensure that they have sufficient
    information prior to the event.
  12. Engages local TF companies in collaboration on the event.
  13. Generates local press to highlight local TFG company members
  14. Develops outreach to local timber framers to recruit for membership.

During the Event:

The Project Manager

  1. Has as his/her first priority the safety and health of participants.
  2. Provides daily status/progress reports to the ED and staff through
    the use of the Daily Progress Report spreadsheet.
  3. Convenes daily meetings on site for all participants (typically at the beginning and
    end of each day).
  4. Convenes daily leadership team meetings.
  5. Acts as principal interface with host organization along with the Local Hero, when
    that role exists.
  6. Serves as the TFG’s lead on site
  7. Maintains daily attendance rosters.
  8. Manages and tracks daily financial expenses to budget, as well as overall budget net
  9. Authorizes any project expenditure by TFG staff during the event if necessary.
  10. Ensures that all TFG staff and volunteers are adequately trained to perform any job that is required of them safely and effectively.
  11. Ensure that all TFG staff and volunteers comply with applicable Federal, State (Provincial) and local Health and Safety legislation at all times during the project.


After the Event:

  1. Files formal report, receipts and personal invoice (when applicable) in less than 30 days following completion of the Event.
  2. Provides all information required by staff for the Project Manual.
  3. Administers punch list completion.

Selection criteria:

In order to be eligible for selection as a Timber Framers Guild Project Manager, a candidate must satisfy all of the following prerequisites:

  1. Candidate is a professional project manager in the timber frame industry
  2. Candidate is a member in good standing of the Timber Framers Guild, and has
  3. Been a member for at least 2 years.
  4. Candidate has fully participated in at least 1 previous Timber Framers Guild
  5. Candidate must submit a comprehensive and current résumé of his/her complete
    work history to the Timber Framers Guild. This résumé includes the following:
    1. Examples (text + images) of at least 5 timber-framing projects that the
      Candidate has been involved in.
    2. Examples of at least 2 projects of a similar scope and scale that the
      Candidate has previously managed.
    3. Candidate must submit 2 letters of recommendation from current
      members of the Timber Framers Guild.
    4. Candidate must submit a letter of recommendation from a previous
      Project Manager of a Timber Framers Guild event.

Please email   with any questions.

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